Ultrasound of salivary glands Cracow

Salivary gland ultrasound in Cracow – ultrasound examination of the salivary glands

Salivary gland ultrasonography (ultrasound) is a basic and non-invasive imaging test of the salivary glands, essential in the diagnosis of their abnormalities and diseases.

At the Prokocim Medical Center in Krakow, we perform salivary gland ultrasound on a modern ultrasound device, which ensures high accuracy and quality of imaging. The main salivary glands are examined: parotid glands, submandibular salivary glands and sublingual salivary glands.

Ultrasound allows to detect and assess salivary gland inflammation, degenerative changes, cysts, salivary gland stones, tumors and malignant tumors, as well as congenital defects. It is painless and usually takes 15-20 minutes.

In the case of salivary gland ailments, such as pain, swelling or enlargement of the gland, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Price list of salivary gland ultrasound in Krakow

Ultrasound of salivary glands PLN 180 dr. Monika Kupiec

The most important information about salivary gland ultrasound in Krakow

What is an ultrasound examination of the salivary glands?

Salivary gland ultrasound is an ultrasound examination, i.e. imaging of the main salivary glands – parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands – using ultrasound waves. It allows you to visualize possible lesions within the salivary glands.

Where is salivary gland ultrasound performed in Krakow?

Salivary gland ultrasound is performed in the city of Krakow Prokocim.

Prokocim Medical Center, al. Adolfa Dygasiński 2d, 30-820 Cracow

Access by public transport: Przystanek Bieżanowska
tram lines: 3, 9, 13, 24, 49
bus lines: 144, 173, 301, 304, 314, 503

How does an ultrasound examination of the salivary glands work?

The examination involves applying the head of an ultrasound machine to the salivary glands, which sends sound waves and then receives their echo. Images of the salivary glands are visible on the monitor of the device. The examination is completely painless.


How to prepare for salivary gland ultrasound?

No special preparation is necessary. It is advisable for men to shave their neck hair to improve the quality of the examination.

Is salivary gland ultrasound painful?

No, ultrasound is completely non-invasive and does not cause any pain. The gel used may only cause a slight feeling of coolness.


What diseases are diagnosed with salivary gland ultrasound?

Thanks to ultrasound, it is possible to diagnose m.in: salivary gland inflammation, salivary gland stones, cysts, tumors and tumors of the salivary glands, post-traumatic damage, as well as malformations.


Who performs salivary gland ultrasound?

The examination is performed by an experienced radiologist. The results are ready immediately after the test.

Will salivary gland ultrasound detect cancer?

Yes, ultrasound examination allows to visualize malignant neoplastic lesions. A biopsy may be necessary to make a definitive diagnosis.

Is it worth performing an ultrasound of the salivary glands as a preventive measure?

Routine, prophylactic ultrasound of the salivary glands is not recommended without specific indications. This examination is carried out only when there are disturbing symptoms of the salivary glands.

Is salivary gland ultrasound enough for diagnosis?

In most cases, yes, but sometimes it is necessary to perform additional tests, e.g. fine needle biopsy. The final diagnosis is made by the doctor on the basis of the overall clinical picture.