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Primary Medical Care in the standard of a private medical center

Private medical care of the highest quality and competitive prices of medical services

A primary care physician as part of the National Health Fund benefits and a comprehensive package of Coordinated Care in one place

Prokocim Medical Center in Krakow

We are a specialist clinic providing services in the field of Primary Health Care (PHC) and private outpatient care and prophylaxis. We are a team of professionals and enthusiasts with clinical experience. At CM Prokocim, we guarantee you comfort, safety and the highest level of service in a friendly atmosphere.

Comprehensive healthcare in one place

Competitive prices for consultations and examinations

Short waiting times

Friendly atmosphere

Individual approach to the patient

Dedicated Visit Time

Care Coordinated under the National Health Fund

Primary Care Physician

The highest standard of medical services

List of specializations of doctors who work at the Medical Center

Pediatric surgeon

Specialized staff at the Prokocim medical clinic

Taking care of our health is our passion. At CM Prokocim, we combine knowledge and an individual approach to the patient. Our team of specialists is made up of trusted doctors with clinical experience, which they gain every day in facilities such as:

  • University Hospital in Cracow,
  • Specialist Hospital Józef Dietl
  • Oncology Center Marie Skłodowska-Curie.

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As a person with a busy lifestyle, I always try to use my time as efficiently as possible. That is why short waiting times for an appointment are extremely important to me. When I came to CM Prokocim and found out that I could make an appointment in just a few days, I was really positively surprised. It gives me the feeling that my health is being prioritized. I recommend this facility to anyone who appreciates professionalism and patient care.

Working late, it’s usually difficult for me to find a convenient time to see a doctor. That is why I am happy to use the services of CM Prokocim, where the long opening hours of the facility really make it easier for me to make an appointment. It’s really special that I can see a doctor even in the evening. For people with unregulated working hours, this is an extremely important convenience.

The empathetic approach of the medical staff is something that is of great importance to me. I’m glad that I came across CM Prokocim, where no one is in a hurry and the visit lasts as long as it is needed. This allows me to really describe my health problems in detail, as well as consult any concerns. I feel that the patient is really listened to and appreciated.

Private medical clinic in Cracow

Prokocim Medical Center is a modern medical facility providing a wide range of health services as part of outpatient care. We have modernly equipped medical and diagnostic offices, where the patient can take advantage of specialist consultations and necessary tests.

Our private medical clinic in Krakow employs experienced doctors of various specialties internist, paediatrician, allergist, dermatologist, diabetologist, psychiatrist. We offer diagnostics and treatment of diseases, issuing prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates and a wide range of laboratory and imaging tests.

We invite you to use the services of our private medical facility in Krakow. We guarantee professional care, short deadlines and competitive prices for examinations and specialist consultations.