Lymph node biopsy Cracow

Lymph node biopsy in Krakow

Lymph node biopsy is a test that involves taking a tissue sample from an enlarged lymph node to assess its structure and detect any abnormalities.

The indication for this test is chronic, persistent lymphadenopathy, especially when a neoplastic process or other serious disease is suspected. A biopsy can diagnose a variety of conditions, including:

  • malignant neoplasms (e.g. lymphomas, cancer metastases),
  • diseases of the immune system (e.g. tuberculosis, sarcoidosis),
  • viral infections.

In our medical center, we perform lymph node biopsies using the fine needle technique under local anesthesia. It is a minimally invasive, safe and practically painless procedure.

If necessary, we also provide more advanced bioptic techniques, such as core needle biopsy. We select the method individually, taking into account the location and features of the lesion as well as the patient’s preferences.

Price list of lymph node biopsy in Krakow

Lymph node biopsy PLN 400 dr. Monika Kupiec