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Professional care of a general surgeon in Krakow

Are you looking for experienced surgical care in Krakow? Our Prokocim Medical Center offers comprehensive surgical services under the guidance of qualified specialists. We provide surgical consultations in the field of general surgery. Our center is located in a convenient location in Krakow, with easy access to public transport. Appointments can be made in person, by phone or online, and we offer flexible booking options for our patients

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General Surgery Pricing

Removal of atheroma from PLN 400
Dermatosurgical consultation PLN 200
Lipoma removal with histopathological examination PLN 400
Removal of the skin lesion from PLN 400
Corn removal PLN 400
Removal of ingrown toenails from 500 PLN
Surgical consultation PLN 250
Minor Surgical Procedures from PLN 750
Removal of thrombotic external varicose vein from 500 PLN
Abscess incision from PLN 250
Surgical consultation PLN 250
Abscess incision from PLN 250
Surgery PLN 650

The most important information about visits to a general surgeon in Krakow

What does a surgeon do in Krakow?

A surgeon in Krakow is a highly specialized doctor whose work focuses on performing surgeries to treat a variety of diseases, injuries and deformities. Its range of activities ranges from small procedures to complex surgical procedures. The surgeon is responsible for accurately diagnosing, planning, and executing surgery, as well as monitoring patients in the postoperative period. This specialist works with other doctors and the medical team to provide comprehensive care and the best possible outcomes for patients. Professional surgical care in Krakow includes modern surgical techniques and advanced technologies, making surgeries safer, less invasive and more effective, contributing to faster recovery and improving the quality of life of patients.

Where does a surgeon see a surgeon in Krakow?

A surgeon is admitted in the city of Krakow.

Prokocim Medical Center, al. Adolfa Dygasiński 2d, 30-820 Cracow

Access by public transport: Przystanek Bieżanowska
tram lines: 3, 9, 13, 24, 49
bus lines: 144, 173, 301, 304, 314, 503

General Surgeon in Krakow ways to make an appointment

An appointment with a surgeon can be made in three ways: in person at the medical center registration, by phone or using the online booking system, which is available on the website.

How to prepare for a visit to the surgeon?

Before visiting a surgeon, it is a good idea to collect full medical records, including the results of imaging tests (e.g. X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging), laboratory tests and information cards from previous hospitalizations and procedures. In addition, prepare a list of medications you are taking and any allergies you may have. If you suffer from chronic diseases, take current extracts from your records. It is also a good idea to make a note of all the ailments you would like to draw the surgeon’s attention to and any questions you may have before the visit. This will help the doctor to better assess your health condition and plan the diagnostic and therapeutic process accordingly.