Ultrasound of the kidneys Cracow

Ultrasound examination of kidneys in Cracow

Kidney ultrasound, which we perform at our diagnostic center, is a non-invasive assessment of the structure and function of the kidneys using ultrasound waves. During the examination, the doctor applies a special ultrasound head to the skin in the lumbar region, which sends and receives high-frequency sound waves. These waves penetrate the patient’s body and are reflected from the boundaries of tissues and organs, finally creating an ultrasound image of the kidneys displayed on the device’s monitor.

An ultrasound examination of the kidneys usually takes 15-20 minutes. During this time, we assess the size, shape and position of the patient’s kidneys. We also assess the homogeneity of the renal parenchyma and the patency of the calyx-pelvic system. In addition, we check for focal lesions, cysts or stones in the kidneys. We also assess the blood supply to the kidneys.

Ultrasound examination of the kidneys is painless and safe. We do not expose our patients to radiation, as is the case with CT or urography. What’s more, kidney ultrasonography can also be performed in pregnant women and people allergic to contrast agents.

Kidney ultrasound price list in Krakow

Ultrasound of the kidneys PLN 180 dr. Monika Kupiec

The most important information about kidney ultrasound in Krakow

What is an ultrasound examination of the kidneys?

An ultrasound of the kidneys uses sound waves to obtain images of tissues and organs. During the examination, a transducer is applied to the patient’s body, which sends ultrasound waves. These waves bounce off the boundaries of the tissues, creating an echo that is processed into an image visible on the monitor. Thanks to this, it is possible to assess the structure, size and possible lesions of the kidneys.

Where is a kidney ultrasound scan performed in Krakow?

Ultrasound of the kidneys is carried out in the city of Krakow Prokocim.

Prokocim Medical Center, al. Adolfa Dygasiński 2d, 30-820 Cracow

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