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Fine needle biopsy in Cracow - precise diagnosis of cancer at the Prokocim Medical Center

Fine needle biopsy, also known as BAC (fine needle aspiration biopsy), is an advanced medical technique widely used in the diagnosis of various types of cancer, such as thyroid tumors, salivary gland tumors, or breast cancer. At the Prokocim Medical Center in Krakow, we offer fine needle biopsy performed by qualified specialists, ensuring an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health.

Our fine needle biopsy procedures are based on the precise collection of cytological material from suspicious lesions using a fine needle. Thanks to the use of controlled ultrasonography (USG) during the procedure, we can effectively and precisely locate lesions, which increases the accuracy of diagnostics. This method is less invasive and usually does not require the use of anesthesia.

Preparation for a biopsy is simple – the patient should have up-to-date test results such as ultrasound, X-ray, CT or blood counts, as well as information about previous surgeries or histopathological examinations. Fine needle biopsy is safe and the risk of complications is minimal. Most often, there are no serious side effects after the procedure, only a slight bruising at the site of needle insertion.

The advantage of fine needle biopsy is the possibility of quick initial diagnosis of malignant neoplasm and, if confirmed, further treatment.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer and price list of fine needle biopsies performed in our medical center in Krakow.

Price list fine needle biopsy in Krakow

Fine needle biopsy (thyroid, lymph nodes or breast) from PLN 400 MD, PhD Tomasz Gach
dr. Monika Kupiec

The most important information about fine needle biopsy in Krakow

What is a fine needle biopsy?

A fine needle biopsy, also known as a fine needle aspiration biopsy (BAC), uses a fine needle to remove material from a nodule or lesion that is visible in imaging tests (e.g. ultrasound). The material collected in this way is subjected to microscopic evaluation in search of cancer cells.

Where is a fine needle biopsy performed in Krakow?

Fine needle biopsy is performed in the city of Krakow Prokocim.

Prokocim Medical Center, al. Adolfa Dygasiński 2d, 30-820 Cracow

Access by public transport: Przystanek Bieżanowska
tram lines: 3, 9, 13, 24, 49
bus lines: 144, 173, 301, 304, 314, 503

How to prepare for a fine needle biopsy?

Before the biopsy, it is a good idea to take all previous test results (ultrasound, X-ray, CT, blood count) with you. There are no special preparation requirements, but it is recommended to wear loose clothing to ensure comfort and avoid pressure on the examination area. You should also tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines, especially anticoagulants.

Is a fine needle biopsy painful?

Most patients report slight discomfort or a slight sting during sample collection. The procedure is usually well tolerated and does not require anesthesia, although local anesthesia may be used in some cases.

What are the potential contraindications to a fine needle biopsy?

Contraindications include bleeding disorders, serious heart or lung disease, as well as taking certain medications such as anticoagulants. It is important to consult your doctor before the procedure and inform him or her of any medical conditions you may have or any medications you are taking.

How long does the study take and when can I expect the results?

A fine needle biopsy usually takes about 15-30 minutes. Test results are usually available within a few days, depending on the laboratory and the nature of the tissue being tested.