Agnieszka Malina, M.A.

  • Specialization: psychologist
  • Education: Applied Psychology, Jagiellonian University, Jagiellonian University, pedagogical qualifications
  • Experience: Internships and internships at the Clinical Hospital Dr. Józef Babiński in Cracow Work in support centres for people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders
    Psychological support and counselling in Mental Health Clinics Currently working with adults experiencing emotional and mental problems Training in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy at SWPS University
  • Diseases treated: low self-esteem, professional crisis, relationship crisis, stress, emotional disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders

I am a psychologist participating in psychotherapeutic training. I completed a five-year master’s degree in applied psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. During my studies, I gained knowledge in the field of general, social, clinical and health psychology. I have also completed numerous internships and internships in medical facilities such as the Clinical Hospital of Dr Józef Babiński in Cracow or in support centres for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders. I provided psychological support and counselling as part of the Mental Health Clinic. In addition, I completed a two-year Pedagogical Study at the Jagiellonian University, obtaining pedagogical qualifications.

Currently, I work with adults who struggle with a wide range of personal and professional problems such as mood disorders, anxiety, low self-esteem, difficulties in coping with stress, burnout, problems in interpersonal and professional relationships, life crises or difficulties related to defining one’s own identity and life goals.

In my psychotherapeutic work, I am particularly interested in the continuous deepening of knowledge and development of professional competences. That is why I am currently participating in a four-year training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy organized by the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. This training deepens my knowledge of the mechanisms of mental disorders and allows me to acquire the skills of conducting effective therapeutic interventions in this trend.

In my work with patients, I am guided by deep empathy, patience and a desire to understand the individual perspective and specificity of each person’s problems. I build a therapeutic relationship based on respect, trust and a sense of security. I use cognitive-behavioral techniques such as cognitive restructuring, exposure, modeling or relapse prevention, adapting them to the patient’s needs and capabilities. My goal is to help you understand and work through difficult feelings and to strengthen your resources for coping and achieving life satisfaction.